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General Limassol Information


The population of Limassol is around 200,000 people, making it the second largest city in Cyprus. In comparison to other European destinations its crime rates are quite low, making it an ideal location for families to live and work. Dedicated staff of the Limassol Municipality cleans the streets, and public buildings and spaces, and health care services are taken very seriously.



All aspects of the infrastructure of Limassol are constantly being upgraded, including the way of living, education, and public construction projects. This makes Limassol the ideal location to buy a house, apartment, or other property in which to live with your family and to maintain a healthy, active social life.


Weather in Limassol


The weather in Limassol is mild, offering enjoyable Mediterranean days throughout the year. As does the rest of Cyprus, Limassol experiences a great deal delightful sunshine. Summer begins in the middle of May and runs through the middle of October. This time frame allows for lots of opportunities to visit the beautiful Limassol beaches. Since the city offers the longest combined beach line of all the cities of Cyprus, there is quick and easy access to the sea for property owners in Limassol.

Though the main autumn months of October and November bring with them cooler evenings, many people still continue to swim until November. And even in the winter months of December and January, Limassol still receives six hours of nice sunshine every day.

The end of January or the beginning of February brings the early spring days. Springtime is wonderful, as it brings with it a great deal of greenery that surrounds or covers the many ancient ruins around Limassol.

The weather in Limassol, combined with its friendly people and high quality of life, make it the ideal place to purchase property. Home Chic Home Group offers a large portfolio of Limassol properties for sale, and something in the wide variety will meet your criteria for quality, location, space, and after-sales support.


Getting Around in Limassol


As it is a relatively small city and simple to navigate, Limassol is an easy place to get around. There are four main roads that run almost parallel to each other, and they cross the city from west to east. Starting in the south part of the city and moving north, the first street we come to is the avenue running parallel to the beach. Starting at the small roundout of Limassol’s old port, it runs outside of Limassol, always following the coastline. It goes by various names depending on the section of the road: Spyrou Araouzou, Christodoulou Hadjipavlou, and Octovriou 28. Next we have the main Limassol road called Makarios III Avenue, which runs almost through the center of the city. Moving north we find the relatively new Spyros Kyprianou Avenue, otherwise known as Makedonias Avenue, which again crosses the city from west to east.

And finally we have the highway, which, with its newly completed bridges, allows traffic going back and forth between Paphos and Nicosia to bypass six roundabouts.

There are never huge traffic jams in Limassol, especially since the introduction of the highway bridges, which have reduced bottlenecks to a minimum.

If you don’t have a personal car to travel around Limassol, a very good taxi system exists and a taxi can be found almost instantly. A moderate bus service with busses crossing the town from one end to the other runs from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

If you place a high priority on privacy, you may choose to buy one of our villas in Limassol. Our villas are usually built in areas which give you exclusive access, so traffic in those areas is even less.

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